85277 - Transcription: The geopolitical behavior of China

N. Lygeros

This podcast is dedicated to the behavior of China at the geopolitical level. Maybe there are still people who don’t see exactly what the behavior of China is in Europe, in America or even in Africa. But it’s very important to understand some points and to see how relevant they are. Because, you know,  when you see the position of China on the subject of Afghanistan, it’s in fact the same with Pakistan, Iran and Russia. So you can see that those four states are at the same level and have the same behavior even with Taliban. So now we can see that Afghanistan has welcomed the new ambassador of China in Afghanistan. So we can see that it’s very clear that they want to keep a contact with  Afghanistan even after  the Taliban who took control of the country in 2021. So, the position is clear at this level. If someone doesn’t understand what it is going to happen in the next years with China I think that   Afghanistan is a very good point to see that there is an obsession, first of all against the US and of course against Europe because now China with its geopolitical position and its wrong strategy considers that the US and Europe are in fact enemies of its system. So, the things are clear.  They want to use us as enemies to avoid to talk about what happens in China and of course all the frictions  with all countries which are neighbours of China. So we see that the empire of the middle now thinks in a quite different way of the whole world because they want to be everywhere, they want to do something, not just at the local level but at the global level. That’s why we have to keep this in mind if we want to have a good strategy, a good answer and of course sometimes a good counterattack because China will continue on this path.