85322 - Transcription: Podcast With Us #121: The Aboriginal Voice

N. Lygeros

This podcast is dedicated to the votes for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice. The idea is the following. The last referendum in Australia about first nations was in 1967. Now, this year, we have to do  something which is very important for the history of Australia, I mean old Australia and it’s very important also of course for the Aboriginal people. Because they will be able to do something at the level of Departments and they’ll be able also to talk to the Government about specific subjects for themselves. So, it’s very important also to see that with this vote it will be the first time for the Constitution of Australia to mention the existence of the Aboriginal people of the first nations. So the idea is rather simple. But, as always, we have also politics and politicians and they try to show that the idea was from the others or from themselves or it’s changed but the problem is always the same. If we want to be righteous, if we want to be with justice, if we want to be with Humanity we have to say YES. Why? Because in fact it’s the first step for the restoration of Human Rights in Australia. It’s the first step for the refoundation of Australia on a right basis. So, for me at least, of course we are in Europe and it’s not so important for the Australians but they have also to think that people in Europe, people in America are also Australians right now and in this way they are also aboriginal people because they want justice for all the people who are living in Australia. It’s time to change things. We don’t care about politics, we don’t care if it is from the right way or the left way. For us the important thing really is that we are talking about the first step for the Aboriginal to be in Australia even in the Constitution, so not to be just an exception but to be a part of this country. And for us it’s the beginning of a new path because now we can talk about the freedom of first nations and this vote is the starting point.