85428 - On Lee’s Introduction

N. Lygeros

The art of Gung Fu is the center.
It was secret.
Its history covers four thousand years.
Gung Fu evolved with the use
of anatomy, religion and phycology
and reached a level of highly scientific
and philosophical type of self-defense.
Gung Fu is for health promotion,
cultivation of mind and self-protection.
Its philosophy is based on Taoism,
Ch΄ an and I’ Ching.
The target is to adapt oneself harmoniously
to the opponent’s movements
without striving or resisting.
A true Gung Fu man
never opposes force
nor gives way completely.
He is simply pliable, as a spring.
He seeks to merge harmoniously
with the oncoming force of the opponent.
He’s the complement and not the opposite
of the opponent’s force.
He’s based on the spontaneous act. Wu-We.
Everything simply flows.