85436 - Transcription: Podcast With Us #125:The Work of Bruce Lee

N. Lygeros

This podcast is dedicated to the teaching of Master Lee. For almost all people, Bruce Lee was only a star in martial art movies.
But they forget that Bruce Lee was also a writer, he was also,  in fact, in his field,  a philosopher influenced by Taoisme, and also other philosophies, but not only from oriental philosophies, also the occidental. And the fact is even in martial arts he was not only a follower. He created a new path, a new way, maybe a no way, with no limitations. And, in fact, when we read his book about Kung-Fu  which is  considered  for Bruce Lee, as a philosophical art of self-defence,  we can see that the structure of the book, the introduction, even the drawings are from him and everything has a special mentation. The idea for Lee, for Master Lee, was that every movement has a flowing continuity without any dislocation. So this point is rather different  from the classical, because, in reality, it’s not an opposition between forces, it’s in fact the  complement of the initial force. So he tries to find a way, a new way which uses Harmony and even the opponent is used in this harmonic way in a rather different way from the classical. Because the idea of Bruce Lee was that even when we get an impact, a conflict, we have to try to defend  and to attack at the same time. And it’s quite different and maybe impressive for some of you, because the idea was before him. You have an attack, you have a defence and for Bruce Lee the idea was to do the two things at the same time. So he uses  many martial arts in many  different fields, in fact not only in the same pattern, more patterns and he made in fact an unification and he kept only the essence, so he removed from his art  every detail and for that reason his way was more balanced, more harmonic and in fact sharper. Because he used only simplicity. So everything’s made to do something which is simple, no dislocation. You use the force of the opponent to create something, a new impact and in fact you have a spontaneous answer to his question. So the idea for Bruce Lee was to use, in an effective way, the theory of yin-yang. So I recommend to you to read more of his own work, not the writings about Bruce Lee but his work, because it’s crucial, it has a deep foundation and we can see that his mind was the mind of a Master.