85502 - Manifold of skills

N. Lygeros

Intelligence is the core of the manifold of skills.
But this intelligence has to be superior
in order to reach the necessary level
for the deployment of the specific skills.
The intelligence quotient has to be
at a genius level
because the gifted level is not enough to get
results which are important for Humanity.
As we have the deep learning
it’s important to be a deep solver.
Exercises are relevant
only if they consist a preparation
and a training for the difficult problems.
Efficiency is the base
but robustness has to be in the core.
The resolution of a hard problem is
necessarily deep and even a tour de force
because technique can’t do everything.
The instruction must be followed
by the practice
because there is no other way
for the mastering.
The mastering is the synergy produced
by a strategic mix of specific and different skills.