85505 - The sharp brain

N. Lygeros

The sharp brain is superior to the wise one
for the resolution of a hard problem
but the wise one is very important
for the managing of the solution.
That’s why the brain has to use skills
from the strategic management.
It’s possible to see it in the case of Leonardo da Vinci,
of Srinivasa Ramanujan but also of Albert Einstein.
Because the hardest thing is not necessarily
to find a solution
but to convince society
that you found it.
A more recent application of the schema is
the huge work of  Benoit Mandelbrot.
It’s maybe already difficult
to imagine the constant π
when you watch a circle
but it needs much more
to create fractal analysis
just when you see the coast
even from Bretagne
and after it’s also tough
to persuade people
that you can use it for the forecast
of events with high standard deviation.