85528 - Transcription: Podcast With Us #129: Time, trace and essence

Ν. Λυγερός

In this podcast let’s talk about Time. Time in relation with Humanity. What is the meaning of this kind of Time? It’s not just a duration, it’s not just a chronology, it’s in reality an entity and this entity is with us. We have to consider this as a fact. The problem is how we can use this fact for our life as soul. The idea is the following. The wasting of Time is in fact a crime. Maybe it’s too extreme for you to imagine that but in reality it’s meaning what? The meaning of the wasting of Time is in fact that we are in the phase of collaboration with barbarity because we have to use Time to save people. We have to use Time to create something . We have to use Time to leave a trace. So, if we don’t do that it means that our life is traceless. It’s not the problem of the useless because when you do something which is essential,  very often it’s considered by the others as useless. The problem is if it is useful, maybe it’s not essential. The idea is to choose, to choose between the essential things and the useful things. The first case is a work in relation with Mankind. And the second one is only with societies. The problem is that societies are working with oblivion in indifference and at the end of our life it remains nothing. The problem is how to leave a trace, how to have a legacy, how to use in reality Time. If we consider that Time is more or less something like a mentorship, the idea is that we can use it, we can’t abuse it but the problem is how to use it. What I mean with the word use? I mean valorize, not just exploitation. In reality if we have a trace  it’s at the end an added value. So, we used Time to create not only an event but also a tale, so a trace. And in this way in reality we complete the path of light. And this is essential.