85547 - The need of the soul

N. Lygeros

If you consider that existence is sufficient
to define life
you will never understand the need of the soul
even if it’s the core of the life
and its transcendent part.
This is the starting point of the mission.
I mean that life is a mission for the soul.
At the beginning the soul isn’t ready for that
and you have to ignite it
with the enlightenment.
This is the flashpoint.
Only after that it’s able to take the mission.
That’s why it’s the need of the soul.
This readiness is fundamental
for the next steps of its evolution.
It’s the crucial point.
Immortality of the soul doesn’t mean
that it’s impossible to evolve.
It’s possible but only with light and essence.
The light is for the flashpoint.
The essence for the work.

In this way the Soul then belongs
to the deep network
of Humanity.