85553 - Above the ocean

N. Lygeros

Above the ocean it’s simple to see the coalition.
Many people see only the Old Continent and the New World
but they can’t imagine any isomorphism.
The discovery of America was made many times
until this knowledge became
a shared knowledge at the level of Mankind.
The separation of the bodies from the souls was
only a lack of mind.
With life which is the mission of the soul,
the ocean has another sense
which is deeper and related
to the language of souls.
The problem isn’t if the souls can talk
but if you are able to listen to them.
We don’t have only the silence as a common intersection.
It’s like in music
to each duration of notes
there is a duration of silences.
Everybody knows that the notes are different
but it’s really difficult
to imagine the existence of many silences.
Silence isn’t only nothing.
It’s a manifold with many languages
but each  of them is related to Mankind.