85554 - The short distance

N. Lygeros

For the souls the most important is to be together.
For the bodies the most important is to be close.
This is a difference between the contact and the relation.
But what about the link?
With the link,
we are together and close in time.
It’s a transcendental way to be really close.
And this feeling is beautiful.
You don’t feel only the warmness of the skin
but you understand
that it’s possible to interpret
the mind as the skin of the soul.
The ocean isn’t only the waves.
But they are its visible part.
Imagine now that mind is
the visible part of the invisible soul.
With the mind you can touch the body
but also the soul.
The short distance that you want is
a way to keep active
an essential link
so it’s natural
that it’s a need of the soul.
But it’s beautiful to hear it.