85555 - No compromise

N. Lygeros

There is no compromise between souls.
Negotiations without compromise.
Because the core is simply the Truth.
So don’t try to find any compromise
in order to get a result
because compromise can’t be a foundation.
No matter how you did use this method.
Just change.
It’s just simple as that.
By the way, it’s better if you want to enjoy it.
There is no joy in the compromise
because at the end it’s a kind of lose-lose.
Souls don’t want that
and it’s natural and intelligible.
The need of the soul is clear.
The soul is needing light and essence,
nothing more, nothing less.
So your mind has to be efficient.
Compromises are shadows.
That’s why they are obstacles
for the evolution of the souls
and their immortality.
Remember this
if you want a legacy.