85557 - On the other side

N. Lygeros

In the middle of the Atlantic Ocean
there is the Charlie-Gibbs Fracture Zone.
It’s more or less at the equilibrium point
between the Old Continent and the New World.
So it represents the way to be on the other side
when you overpass it.
And when you see things from the other side
you are in the same position
than the little disk of the Yin Yang symbol
because you have the different colour  
but in the same side.
At the beginning, you are looking
like a legal alien in New York
but after a while
it’s possible even for you
to feel this new mentation
from the other side
without leaving your origin.
You aren’t a piece in the other side
on a mental chessboard,
you are a stone in a new territory of mind.
And in this new framework
you can valorize the splitting effect
of the bifurcation.