85692 - The tremendous love

Ν. Λυγερός

It’s almost impossible to go back…
It’s important to understand that the first contact
was made in 1953.
It wasn’t really prepared for that.
The diplomacy was more important than love
at that time and at least officially,
George and Nikos were in the Middle East.
The question wasn’t an issue
at that time
but the answer was already diplomatic.
<< You ask me now, after a world war,
after a terrible civil war,
for us to turn against our allies,
against those who today support us
in the Truman doctrine and so forth.
Personally, I agree entirely, with your ideas,
that the Cypriots, as developed Greeks,
should have complete self-determination>>.
Even at that time it’s possible to see
the crucial difference
between diplomacy and love.
But at the end the love is always
stronger than diplomacy
because it’s bigger than life.