85695 - September 1954

N. Lygeros

“The case for the union of Cyprus with Greece was
officially presented by the Greek government
to the United Nations Organization in New York”.
This was an unknown connection.
When he saw the reference
he went to the United Nations Archives
and he found the folder.
Political and Security Council Affair reports.
Protitch reports.
Question of enosis.
It was the Working Paper No. 371.
It was Confidential.
He read the basic information
on the question of “Enosis” in Cyprus.
31 AUG. 1954.
It was strange but it was
in the General Political Division
in the Middle East and African Affairs Section.
He discovered that the Plebiscite for Enosis was
mentioned at the page 26.
“ In December 1949, the Archbishop of Cyprus formally
requested the British Government to hold a plebiscite
on Enosis but the request was promptly refused.