85697 - The strange Annex

N. Lygeros

The strange Annex was about
the Cyprus Convention and related documents.
In reality it was related to the deep past
in an explicit way.
Convention of defensive alliance between
Great Britain and Turkey
with respect to the Asiatic provinces of Turkey.
4th June 1878.
It was done in Constantinople.
It had also annexes.
The first was signed on the 1st July 1878.
It had an additional article
which was signed on the 14th August 1878.
But after those documents
he found the following agreement
between Great Britain and Turkey
for commuting the Ottoman crown property,
revenues, etc. of Cyprus
for a fixed annual payment of £ 5000.
This was done on the 3rd February, 1879
and it was signed by
and Al. Carathéodory.