85698 - Transcription: Podcast With US #139: The UN Security Council rejects Russian resolution

N. Lygeros

In this podcast let’s talk about the decision of United Nations more precisely. The United Nations Security Council rejected a Russian resolution calling for humanitarian ceasefire of the war between Israel and Hamas. The reason of the rejection is easy. First of all the draft did not get the required minimal number of votes to be passed but also because the resolution wasn’t a  condemnation of the attacks of Hamas on Israel. The idea was to normally follow the resident precedence and to get something which is more complete and united. But Russia wanted to play the game in another way which recalled us the Cold War. At the end of the process we see that it’s impossible to get a result at the level of the Security Council because just the initiatives of Russia and sometimes of China are against the majority and we have this kind of result. It was obvious that the United States, also the United Kingdom and France will reject this resolution and we have this result now. Of course Russia can tell many things about the western country but the idea is simple. If you want to talk only about peace with the ceasefire and never about freedom, you have always the same problem. Because peace is compatible with slavery but no freedom.