85716 - Transcription: The Propaganda Trap

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

The first thing we see with the issue of the hospital in Gaza, is that they are immediately concerned about allocating responsibilities but they don’t seem so concerned about the victims, whereas what matters is that once it’s regarding a hospital, it is already a problematic case. The other problematic issue is that the rocket launch was from the adjacent cemetery, which means that not even that constitutes a problem for Hamas, because it simply uses everything in order to achieve what it wants. But what’s of importance is that when we look at the data objectively, when we listen to the dialogue that took place when the wiretapping occurred, and when we see things face value, I mean with the data that we see, understand, analyze and have the associated technical support, then we understand that we are again within a context of pure propaganda, where even a blunder in fact is used as an action, which could be problematic for many, we saw that even the quadripartite was canceled for this reason and of course this reason was an error, but what is important is to understand that in this phase, the state of war phase, we have to be very careful about the data we get from the beginning, to analyze them completely, to wait for anything related to technical support in order to do our analyzes, because otherwise we fall into the trap of propaganda and that is a shame because not only does it does not save lives, not only it does not really change the facts, but it actually supports actions, which make no sense, they facilitate absolutely nothing but they remain propaganda actions nevertheless.