85723 - He was right

N. Lygeros

He wasn’t able to change the things in 1959
and he knew that the issue wasn’t fixed.
On the contrary,
his forecast was terribly negative.
Everything was done in reality
to create very negative conditions
for the future.
And he was right, totally right.
The facts of ’63 and ’64 were clear.
And the situation in 1964 could have been worse
without the help of the USA.
But it was only a shift of ten years.
So he was right.
But at that moment, he felt only sad.
And nothing was able to help him.
He understood that his mind worked
beyond this reality.
It was a pity for him
but the worst was
the situation of Cyprus.
In fact this agreement was
a potential condemnation
of the future of Cyprus.
That’s why his feeling was so sad.