85780 - Transcription: Podcast With US #144: Global versus local analysis in Geopolitics

N. Lygeros

It’s very important to consider the difference between the local analysis and the global analysis. Because we have the trend to consider in Geopolitics that a local problem has a local solution. But we know in Mathematics that it is wrong. So we have many problems which are at the beginning at least local and they have a global solution because in reality their creation was the result of a global situation. If we think about this schema on Geopolitics we can imagine that some of those local problems, at least that we consider as local, are in fact the result of a global situation and if we want to find a solution we have to think in a global analysis. So, for example, if you consider two states or two entities which are at a very local level together, we can imagine that it can be also the end of the boundaries of two structures which are very big, maybe huge, like in Geology and it’s only the contact. We have to think about that because the contact of two superstructures is not something which is local, it’s something which is global. So, if we want to find a solution, a resolution which is smart, we have to think of the whole world and not only of this local point. Because local point is not relevant when we try to analyze the situation and we try to find a solution. Imagine that you are going to use this tool in Geopolitics and imagine what the resolution would be with this new mentation and in order to solve this problem imagine that you have to find another way to to think of the whole problem because it’s the only way to find a real solution.