85787 - Transcription: Podcast With US #145: Geopolitics, Chess and Go

N. Lygeros

It’s very important to understand the fact that we can’t codify anything on a chessboard or even on a goban. I mean when we have problems in Geopolitics we cannot do this. But we have to keep in mind that chess and go are in fact precious tools or even weapons for this field because we can analyze some tactics, we can analyze some strategies and we can observe the strategy behavior of the opponents. So, it’s not the ultimate solution but it’s very important to use them as tools for our thoughts and of course to be very careful when we want to apply some of those schemas on geopolitics. But the idea is the following. We use many choices in this field and we think that it’ s a very good point, but we have to make a strategic mix with them and not to consider that everything can be codified only in war strategy games, we are not always in war games theory, we have also the problem with the power, we have also the problem with the irrational players. So Chess and Go do not constitute the final solution for every problem, but they can help us to understand at least some local problems and solve them and in this way to fix maybe bigger problems in geopolitics.