85859 - The serpent of the East

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek Athina Kehagias

As if what Erdogan has already said was not enough, he comes now to detonate relations between Turkey and Israel, continuing this type of anti-Semitism and in actual fact accusing Israel of things which belong to Turkey’s agenda and glance. It was to be expected for reactions to exist, i.e., the Ambassador to the United Nations, the Foreign Minister calling upon his own diplomats to return, but even Israel’s Minister of Energy saying that Erdogan’s true face had been in fact revealed.Generally speaking we can say that the expression used in the United Nations was not coincidental, that Erdogan isa snake and finally he remains a snake. The whole context is interesting, not the confrontational one, because that was known to the experts, but specifically the serviles who believed that Turkey will find its way with Israel, that it will find its way even regarding natural gas, what have we not heard from this sort of approach, and now we really wonder how all these people who were trying to promote these ideas would feel. Because how could you now imagine anything happening between the two states, now that Erdogan is in fact playing this game.  One way to interpret his words is that he understands that he has lost the game on this part of the alliance, so he assumes: there is no need for me to try harder on the issue of Israel, so let’s utilize and take advantage of what the Arab countries believe in.  Therefore his problem is always the same. Turkey is not an Arab country, therefore the Arabs are skeptical with everything that Erdogan declares. They do not really believe it, he remains an Ottoman who speaks out his mind, whenever it suits him he is religious, whenever he likes he is secular, what matters though is that Erdoğan is immersing in a rhetoric, which in actual fact helps both Greece and Cyprus, because quite simply with these extreme statements he creates enmities which cannot be erased afterwards by the diplomats, because it’s clear that the context is totally against, and consequently all those in Greece and Cyprus who believe that a game can be played between them leaving us out, it would finally be time for them to understand that on the contrary it’s us who are playing on this strategic axis and Turkey’s problem is that she has remained on the outside.