85869 - Transcription: Hamas is one thing and Fatah is another

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

Because we are talking about Hamas continuously, we give the impression that Fatah doesn’t exist. In actual fact it is Fatah that runs the government in the West Bank, whereas Hamas is merely in Gaza. It is interesting for us to think that both parataxes are of course Muslim, and of course they are both Arabs, but the question is why one is doing well with Israel, whereas the other is not. We ought to understand that if things were going well between them, then we would have elections again, whereas the elections have been stopped back in 2006, as Fatah does not want to hand over power to Hamas. If we observe them at an internal level, we understand that there is a different management and we also understand that Qatar in fact only finances Hamas and within the Gaza Strip. Therefore we understand in this manner that the aim of Hamas is the complete eradication of Israel, after all this is the same aim of Hezbollah and of course of the Islamic jihad. This in fact means that there is a manipulation on behalf of Qatar and on the part of Iran by these two structures and factions as they have this common aim. It’s odd though, because in fact Hamas is Sunnis, Hezbollah is Shiites, just as is the case in Iran, and there is animosity between them which is fundamental, even on a religious level. From the moment that all they have in common is that goal, it practically means that if this goal does not exist anymore, then the hostilities between them will start all over again. Consequently, when we talk about an alliance context, we ought to be very careful, as it’s not regarding an alliance; we are talking more about an undivided manipulation on the part of Iran, which knows exactly what it wants in the region. Therefore, if it can destabilize the region, it’s to its advantage, because it prefers a silk road which is related to China and Russia, instead of having something analogous which will function in a completely different context through India, Israel and of course the United Arab Emirates. This means however that this manipulation is not going to stop in a hurry, because it is for the benefit of many and we just simply have to understand it, because if we assume that it is merely a local confrontation, then we are entering a wrong context and it would be wise to learn what it’s happening right between Fatah and Israel, so that we know what’s really happening in the West Bank as well.