85885 - There is no alternative choice

N. Lygeros

The counterattack is the best attack
and you have to use it
when someone attacks you
in order to defend your people.
In reality,
there is no alternative choice,
it’s a question of life.
You can’t always be a survivor,
you have also to be a fighter
and even a warrior against barbarity.
Your fight is also the fight of Humanity.
Before the enlightenment
you thought
that it was impossible to resist
because this was the obvious picture of society
but it wasn’t real data.
Now you know that it’s a question of willingness.
So the problem was
that you had no will before.
Everything was already manufactured.
The reality is totally different
and you can create a part of it,
there is no alternative choice
if you want to help Humanity
in its evolution.