85910 - Transcription: Podcast With US #152: How to valorize a crisis.

N. Lygeros

When we have a crisis in geopolitics we have to imagine that at the theoretical level it’s a way to change things. With the crisis we have a tool and not only a weapon to be far away from the equilibrium. The equilibrium is a kind of stability but with this stability you can’t change things. So, in order to find a new solution with a new resolution and of course another heuristics you have to move things. A way to do this is of course a crisis. Of course we have negative aspects but we have also the positive aspects because after a crisis we have all the time new things. Because we can find a new way to avoid another crisis of the same size but we can find also a new way to think of new things. Because with a crisis we change everything at a local level and we have to see if we have tails. If we have tails it means that we can choose one of them and maybe not necessarily the best of them but the more robust. Because we can create another degree of freedom and this is very useful if we want to find a new kind of solution, a new resolution which is totally different from the previous one. The idea is to use and to valorize a crisis and not just to be in front of it in a passive manner because if you don’t use it you will be abused.