85923 - Transcription: Crisis in Israel and elections in America

N. Lygeros

It is of very importance to comprehend what is happening now between Israel and America, due to the relationship that has existed intertemporally, but also considering the circumstances. What we ought to understand is that in addition to the crisis, there is also the matter of the election campaign in America. Consequently, Biden has to find a balance and he cannot let Israel function completely freely, at least as far as his own public opinion is concerned, and that is why this meeting with Blingen is taking place. So in actual fact although there is a bond between the two countries, what we observe is that there are some differentiations, so that at least, it would seem to Biden’s voters, that he is functioning in a slightly different manner, in order to ensure that these voters will stay with him until the end and of course after the crisis as well. Therefore, the crisis works like a crash test for the American president as well, because he has to function within a context that is strategic, but simultaneously a communicative one as well, because quite simply he will end up with voters who will not support him, assuming that the moves of Israel do not bear the same proportion as those made by Hamas. In reality, many of them do not have all the data, therefore we are clearly at a level which is communicative but not strategic, it is just that strategy simply ought to deal with both levels, so as to ensure a result obtained, which is practical, realistic and of course able to create a stability after the crisis, in order to move onto the next stage, in all these relations which are functioning with the neighboring countries, not only locally but also in the Mediterranean as well and for this reason it concerns us directly.