85969 - Transcription: Turkey’s absurd reaction

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

Because Turkey received the 25th report of the European Commission regarding her accession process, the first thing she did, as a country that has no relation to the European Union, is to react through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and say that the statements and expressions of the European Union are unacceptable. Because is it funny? Because quite simply Turkey says that the European Union is irrational, that it is maximalist and normally it should not have had anything to do even in regards to the solution of the Cypriot issue. We see therefore, that it is exactly the ideology of Turkey, that absolutely nothing has changed, and those who believed that Turkey has changed after the earthquakes see its reality and now even within the context of its accession process, we see the analogy and the difference, in relation to Ukraine and Moldova. The first thing Turkey does is to respond in a very negative manner, which is not related to diplomacy, against the European Union, assuming that she is doing something good. Additionally within this context, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey explains, that the European Union is not on the right side of history, whereas of course Turkey is, and the criticism she has suffered for defending and enhancing Hamas, for which the Turkey has never said that it is a terrorist organization, Turkey considers that it is an applause and that it is actually an honor for her to have this sort of behavior in confrontation with the European Commission and the European Union of course. What does that mean? It means that it continues its course, it continues to immerse itself in an extreme ideology, it assumes that this case is something characteristic and she basically emphasizes upon the difference that exists between Turkey and the European Union. Why is that entire argument stupid? Because if you really believe this, then why don’t you stop your accession process? So why do you continue to claim, at least officially, to enter the European Union, while simultaneously you result in such criticism, even in regards to the reports which are normally made to prepare a context for the accession process. Therefore, we see here the absurdity of Turkey, which always wants to play sailing on at least two boats, we see that she is in fact the one that is maximalist, because her position is always extreme and we understand that she has nothing to do with the European Union, Consequently, as you understand as well, through those reactions, all this helps Greece and Cyprus, because these are indeed European countries, which have nothing to do with Turkey in terms of ideology in issues of religion and Human Rights.