86005 - Transcription: Greece an active ally of Saudi Arabia

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

Who would have believed a few years ago that Greece, thanks to the American Patriots, could play an important role in Saudi Arabia as well. What we see now from the meeting that took place in Riyadh, is that indeed the Greek Patriots which contribute toward the defense of the Kingdom, functions like a catalytic element, because let’s not forget that Saudi Arabia is playing a strong game in the Middle East, let’s not forget that Saudi Arabia is upon the new Silk Road, which in fact connects India, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, then on Jordan, Israel and afterwards the European countries, therefore, the fact that Greece can play this role and function as a protector of Saudi Arabia in the region, proposing for joint exercises to be carried out as well, it is very important, because, we are coming along to enhance a strategic context which belongs to a high strategy, into what we need, and we do it even at a practical level and tactic one also. Why? Because this is how we actively contribute to this new battle and this strategic corridor. Consequently, it is good to keep in mind that Greece which way back used to be just a small country, and we would often say, what could she do with the other players, now we see that we have openings with India as well, but now it is with Saudi Arabia, in a practical and tangible level. Consequently, we see that there is a phase change and that the other players, the big players, see Greece as a stable country, which can contribute to this struggle and she’s not just a passive connecting link, but an active one, which plays strategically, militarily and in the energean field in this high strategy, and this is why it is good for us to know it as well.