86031 - Transcription: Podcast With Us #158 Middle East: Solution, Tactics and Grand Strategy

N. Lygeros

We have to understand right now that a local conflict cannot be understood as only one point. In fact it is just a vertex in a graph. And this graph, this network, is related to strategy and grand strategy. The idea is that we commit an error when we say that we can understand a local conflict only with local parameters. Because especially in a proxy war this is simply impossible. When we consider the Middle East just as a local problem we have to define the global solution and this global solution  cannot be a local  solution.  The idea is to understand the relation between tactics and strategy. Because tactics is not the end. It is just a part of the beginning. If we keep this in mind, maybe we should consider all those facts in a different way because we have local conflicts in a strategy and we have also the influence in the impact of the grand strategy. If you think about that you will see that the facts are different. They are not only data. They belong to a structure which is more complex. And this structure right now is trying to find an equilibrium. But this equilibrium cannot be obtained with only classical tools. We need also an access to how many. And when I say this word, I mean that the solution needs to be global. And with the duration in Time and not just a solution for few months.