86034 - Transcription: Iran is targeting America… and not just Israel

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

Iran’s position via its President is quite clear. It is not only looking at the Gaza Strip issue, it is not only looking at what takes place as a confrontation locally, because of course it is the big player in this case and in this proxy war, because quite simply it’s aware of exactly who is a puppet and who has been manipulated. What of interest to Iran is to basically create an Islamic union and that Islamic union to be against America. But even in the statements Iran makes, it doesn’t really talk about Israel, it only talks about America and it assumes that to be the great enemy. In Actual fact, while America is talking about the issue of a ceasefire as well, this is presented by the Iranian President as a not applied act which is actually controlled by America. We ought to however , comprehend the data. When the President of Iran goes to Saudi Arabia, we ought to understand that we are talking about Shiites and Sunnis who have a completely, completely different perception at the religious level, but even at the geopolitical level one as well. Consequently, when you have a country which constitutes a minority in relation to the majority that is Sunni and so it goes to a country that is Sunni, to start talking about an Islamic union is complicated not to say weird. Because in actual fact we know that their foundations are completely different. We additionally understand that Iran does not want the extensions from the Oslo I, II, Accords, Abraham, etc. and it certainly does not want Saudi Arabia to be on the side of this new alliance and of this new Silk Road. Because of course Iran wants to play in a different manner with China and Russia. But what is of importance however, is that Iran is now being forced to take a stance, because quite simply it can see that the Muslim countries have not embraced the entire issue of the Hamas-Israel confrontation in such an active way. They actually talk a lot, but with minimum action. And what Iran would certainly like is for more action to exist. But we immediately understand that it does not want that action in fact against Israel, which it considers to be merely a legman of America, it wants it against America. Consequently, for all those who have not understood what is happening even now in the Gaza Strip, with these statements of the Iranian President, things are much clearer.