86035 - Transcription: New armament supply problem for Turkey

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

With the problems Erdogan is causing and with the extreme statements he makes, we actually have more and more voices saying that it is not only the F-16s that Turkey should not get her hands on, but all up, we should not support it militarily. In actual fact, this is a new slap in the face that Turkey did not expect, because Turkey was under the impression that with these back and forth moves it makes and with both sides, that it will achieve something apparently, because she crossed the line in regards to the issue of Hamas, many analysts of America as well are now saying that we should not only look at business for business, we ought to look at what happens with these weapons. Therefore, after these five years during which the deals have frozen for Turkey in relation to the F-35 and we see how the issue of the F-16 is conducted as well?, we see what? That America is leaning towards another trend now and in fact the weapons it could offer to Turkey, it would now prefer to give to Israel, Greece, Cyprus, Armenia or even Syria. What does that mean? It means that there is a redeployment of the data, because Turkey is so negative and it’s obvious she has chosen to go completely on the side of barbarism, even within America there is the assumption that there is no longer any point in keeping some balance on this issue and that it is better to prefer other players upon whom even high strategy can invest, i.e. strategically to play a role which will configure a situation, to the advantage of the Rim land in relation to the Heartland and not constantly to sit and wait for a change of attitude from Turkey, which is getting worse. Therefore, all that Erdogan has achieved, with all these statements and with these actions, is in fact to create a new front even within America, where there were of course some analysts who were under the impression that we ought to keep a balance, but now slowly but surely the scale has changed, and this as you can understand, is beneficial for us and not only for Greece and Cyprus but for the entire region in general, in relation to Turkey and against Turkey.