86074 - Transcription: The real goal of Hamas

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

Those who zealously support the concept of Palestine and in fact they do well as there is no reason for us to be against this entity, they do not understand that they are currently being manipulated by Hamas. For what reason? Hamas tries to say that it itself represents Palestine. However the reality is completely different, because what is happening in Gaza is this: there is a black market organized by Hamas, even the humanitarian aid does not end up in the hands of the Gazawis and even the hospitals are used by Hamas, in such a manner, so as to show that there is a representation of the population, whereas in fact the population is used specifically as a human shield. All the moves that are now taking place by Israel, inside the Gaza Strip, unveil to us a reality, about which we certainly knew some elements, but now we see them and it is very difficult to hide them. Hamas functions in a dictatorial manner within Gaza, it forces people to do what it wants, it is certainly not pro Palestine, Hamas is in conflict with the West Bank and we are under the impression that Palestine is simply one entity, but that entity in fact exists only in the West Bank. This entity does not exist within Gaza, there is no Palestine in Gaza. In Gaza there is Hamas, and Hamas has no problem in using the Gazawis, as victims of war, merely in order to get what it wants. It’s not trying to claim something which could improve the lives of the Gazawis, it is merely trying to release its own people. It actually functions as a state within the state that does not exist, and it considers itself able to play this role on behalf of the state that does not exist yet. This reminds us of the techniques of daesh in relation to Syria and Iraq and we do not see the analogy. It is in fact a totalitarian regime, which does not care at all about the local population, but uses them, manipulates them and blackmails them, because quite simply the goal of this organization is not to improve life within the Gaza Strip, it is simply the extinction of Israel and this is the case because Hamas is an enemy of the West, an enemy of the European Union, an enemy of America and quite simply in a general context the first presence of this aforementioned enemy at a local context is Israel, nothing else, nothing less, nothing more.