86108 - Transcription: Hamas’ brutalities against women

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

After the shock of the events of October 7th, we have more and more eyewitness accounts of the brutalities committed by Hamas. Why is that of importance? Because at first we tried not to talk about those issues, assuming that in any case we would support a propaganda which wants to use them in order to alter people’s mentality. Simply  at this point of time, because we have tangible evidence, we see that Hamas members were not only doing what we already knew, but they gang-raped women systematically, executing them during the rape and mutilating them, and we find out now that they were ordered to rape Jewish women. It is of importance to mention this, because very often we deal with issues of human rights, women’s rights, children’s rights and we do not understand that this constitutes a target for terrorism and especially of course for barbarism. We’re not merely talking about explosives here, or for something which occurred by planting a bomb, they didn’t just launch a missile. We are talking about acts of barbarity against people, which were targeted, which occurred upon orders, and we can no longer pretend that we don’t know about it. The evidence now gathered by the Israeli Police shows more and more, all the more crudely this brutality, which initially some of the supporters of Hamas tried to explain to us that it happened on the spur of the moment and there was no order regarding what happened in a conscious way, but it was just at the time of the attack that you can’t control the people who actually commit that attack. In actual fact the attack had elements of barbarism embedded and the aim was to do what occurred in a very clear way, without a diplomatic trace, and there can be no political rationality to support it. Consequently, it would be good for those who support Hamas in such a clear manner to be aware of what actually happened in order to know how to place themselves hereon.