86109 - Transcription: Turkey is absent from negotiations between Hamas and Israel

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

Turkey is trying to convince us, and to specifically convince the Arab countries, that it can play the role of a negotiator and to mediate, in relation to the attacks carried out by Hamas and the counter-attacks by Israel. In actual fact, what we are finding out however is that neither of them utilize Turkey. The hostage negotiations are taking place directly between Israel and Hamas because they want to enter into a context regarding the release of the hostages in relation to a cease-fire, which will have a duration of some days so that Hamas can ensure that, it will save at least some ruins of its structure and on the other hand the Israelis want to liberate, with the hostages as a priority of course, and consequently we are entering into this negotiation. It is still not certain that it will succeed, but what matters is that Turkey cannot play any role in this and no one is asking her to do so. Therefore, we have an interpretation issue here, because Erdogan is constantly trying to convince everyone that he can play this role, whereas we don’t actually see it. In actual fact, it is not possible, but he continues to communicate this issue as if it is of great importance. Consequently, we ought to understand that communicatively it makes sense to attempt it, even if it cannot stand practically, because quite simply there are people who are influenced, and especially within Turkey they are influenced in such a manner, when they see that Turkey can play a role and that she is important in the region, whereas all this is merely fabricated.