86110 - Transcription:  How Hamas exploits hospitals

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

In order to understand what is happening with the hospitals in Gaza, we need to integrate the issue within the <<Law of War>>. When we have a war conflict, all the hospitals in the world are protected, because we all think and it is right, that civilians should not be attacked and that a hospital is not made to constitute any resistance field, on the contrary its role is to save people and from all sides at that. In this case there is a difference because Hamas, using that fact and functioning differently, it has actually systematically used the hospitals in such a manner, whichever the hospitals are, to ensure a protection, considering that because we are within the <<Law of War >> there will be no strike against the hospitals. Now what happens is that when the Hamas network is eradicated and we see how even these infrastructures are being used, we understand that they have a complete knowledge of all the <<Law of War>> data and consequently exploit it so that if someone tries to do something to eliminate them at this point, then they know that it will be easy for them to be accused of having attacked a hospital. Consequently, this entire game which seems to be presented more and more in the media, it’s from the beginning structured in this fashion, because they know that once the <<Law of War>> is complied with, it will not be possible to easily attack the base of the hospitals in this manner and therefore, they take advantage of it, in order to then present themselves as victims.