86111 - Transcription: Podcast With Us #163: In a war we need to be relevant

N. Lygeros

It’s very important that the position of the Prime Minister of Canada is not relevant about the conflict between Israel and Hamas. You can’t just say things like this if you don’t study the situation, if you don’t know the whole context, if you don’t have any deep knowledge of the reality because when you say something which is politically correct, at the end you will be abused by persons who know the situation aware of the situation and they will try to use your arguments against even righteous and innocent people. The reality is clear, we have a conflict between Humanity and barbarity, so don’t try to be neutral, don’t try to say something which is only politically correct because you are a victim propaganda. Things are clear, this situation is more and more under control and we try to fix a problem from the point of view of Humanity against barbarity. So we don’t need this kind of declarations because it’s not only negative but it’s obviously something which is against Humanity.