86118 - Transcription: Security Council – Israeli partial ceasefire resolution

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

At last the Security Council makes a decision and we have a first result, which was originally conceived by Malta and it is regarding a local ceasefire, which of course is not a ceasefire in the sense that we’ve heard of it in the beginning, it is only an idea for a few days, which are quite enough, the resolution actually passed with 12 votes and 3 abstentions, this is important because the abstentions were from America, the United Kingdom and Russia. Therefore, what matters is that we have something which is very much reduced from the reality which some wanted to put across and so, we are in fact gaining time, Israel is also gaining time in order to continue the operation and to basically close it down, as soon as possible, so that we don’t have the effects of a prolongation. Consequently, the solution found, which is balanced and it’s the first time that something of the sort is occurring, and especially in this context since 2016, it allows us to observe things somewhat differently and to understand that there is now a phase change and we are talking already regarding some form of de-escalation.