86124 - Transcription: Turkey threatens with the S-400s

N. Lygeros 
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

It is very important what Turkey is doing in relation to the S-400. We know very well that the S–400 are to blame for the F-35 freezing situation, we know that Turkey has chosen to be closer to Russia with this move, and now what she wants to enhance is that since she obtains the S– 400 then she can announce that she will use them if there is need for them to be used. What does this mean at a Greek level? She wants to state that if she feels that we are making an attack against her, then she will definitely use them and press the button without any hesitation. In actual fact it functions in this manner in order to show that, at least at the doctrine level, Turkey doesn’t have them merely for the sake of pageantry, it has them to attack its enemy, and the problem is how she defines the enemy and how she defines a hostile action. In any case, what we understood with this statement from the part of Turkey is that it wants to threaten as from the beginning in order to show some power, but in actual fact we know that if our behavior is strategic, we will avoid this threat and we will also be able to eliminate this usage.However, in any case, since she incurred a cost with the S–400, Turkey ought to now make an effort to turn that cost into a benefit at least at the doctrine level within strategy.