86127 - Transcription: Germany’s harsh language against Turkey’s barbarism

N. Lygeros Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

As these days we are in Germany on Mission in Hamburg, we can very well appreciate how the German press analyzed and interpreted the data heard in Erdoğan’s statements. The German press is shocked, as they found what Erdoğan said completely unacceptable, the absence of any mention regarding the issue of the massacre by Hamas was already shocking, but what we also understood from the German side, is that it was made clear that there is no common ground in regards to the positioning of the two states, that Germany is on the other side completely, it did not obtain its classic diplomatic style at all, Germany promotes everything that is happening in Israel and of course also helps humanitarianly, but it merely considers Erdogan’s statements who really functions like a serpent of the East in relation to all those facts is completely against any position of Germany regarding this conflict. It is good for us to see it as well, because in Greece we often get the impression that Germany does not speak much, because it has many Turks on its field and that it also takes into account its interests at the local level, afraid not to provoke the Turkish residents who are of course Germans as well. Therefore here things are completely different and we were taken by surprise. However we were surprised by Germany’s position, because quite simply Germany was also surprised because it did not expect that Erdoğan would make these statements in Berlin when he was talking not only to a German, but to Germany as such. So this means that Erdoğan has gone out of his mind and right out of the rational context of the European Union and this comes into conflict with the German facts, which consider that he should have at least taken a diplomatic position, even if he was not positive about it, whereas here he did something which was despicable, which does not represents any of the elements of Humanity, and he functioned regularly as a barbarian in the most formal way. We ought to keep this in mind, because it is quite rare to observe such interpretations from Germany’s side and that even at the highest level they felt they had to disassociate the positions, in order to make it clear that as Turkey falls into the context of barbarism, that has nothing to do with how they see things here in Germany.