86128 - Transcription: Biden and Blinken talk about the dictator forthrightly and bluntly

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

Now we know Blinken’s style in many of his statements and we are aware of how he functions diplomatically. We make this comment because it is of interest in relation to the relationship between America and China. When Biden said that the President of China is a dictator, many were disturbed because he was so direct and that he said it so directly, because they assumed that the President of America cannot say it in that manner. Therefore, they expected at least a corrective action, either from the State Department, or directly from Blinken of course. Because is it interesting, that Blinken did not follow the classic strategy and diplomatic language at this instance, since he said, in a very clear manner that the president of America, Biden, expresses all Americans when he speaks, which of course means that he expresses himself as well and therefore agreed absolutely with this characterization. He additionally said that one way or the other, he knows that what they say in America and what we do in America, are not liked by the Chinese and certainly the Chinese will continue to say and do things in China and abroad that America doesn’t want. This is a clear context of confrontation because we forget sometimes as we deal with the Middle East, with the Ukrainian issue, however the big battle at a global level is between America and China, here things are crystal clear, we are talking about a confrontation between the Republic and a dictatorship, consequently we know what position we ourselves ought to take.