86130 - Transcription: The propaganda of Hamas is over and done with

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

Hamas has such inadequate results in the military sector, that it is obliged to exploit the issues through propaganda, in order to prove to everyone that it constitutes the victim of the situation. But it’s ridiculous because after their October 7th acts of barbarism and the positioning of Hamas in general, to use the civilian population as a human shield, we all understand that such a claim has nothing to do with reality. Now Hamas tried to say, within the propaganda context, that Israel had requested the evacuation of the Hospital and that this had to happen within an hour. This never occurred and on the contrary, Israel had a conversation with the Director of the Hospital so that those who wanted could leave the Hospital without any problems. Therefore, we see that Hamas is using very low level propaganda techniques, because they have nothing else to offer. Of course, many rush to rebroadcast what Hamas says, believing it to be a fact, but then of course the denials come and all of this becomes absolutely ridiculous. It is wise to bare that in mind, because those who are trying to say that Hamas represents the Palestinian people, that Hamas is protecting the rights of the people there in the Gaza Strip, we now see that this is not true. Hamas is only looking out at how to save itself from this situation it has caused and it observes the other countries, the Arab countries are not coming to help it because they all consider that the arguments and actions of Hamas are all pro barbarism and they do not want to get involved in this barbarity.