86136 - Transcription: The absurd claims of the Turkish Foreign Minister against Greece

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

Many in Greece believe that the Turkish Foreign Minister can do more because he does not have exactly the same style as Erdogan. In actual fact he is exactly within the same context, but comes across in a different fashion, he may be a little more discreet, but when he has to express himself, he always says it in a clear manner that he is against the interests of Greece. He referred to the Turkish minority without saying that it is a Muslim minority in Thrace. He made a reference to the residents of the Dodecanese, considering that it is a right due to the Lausanne Treaty, for Turkey to say something in the Dodecanese trying to protect the rights of his own people, according to his words. In actual fact, we also understand that he wants another point of view applicable to the Cypriot issue and so he is talking about two states. But those who assume that we can do a lot of things at the meetings which will take place in December are making a terrible error, because they have nothing to do with reality and they are merely our own projections. Because Turkey continues to say exactly the same things.