863 - From the constitution of Europe to the Constitution of Europe

N. Lygeros

In the constitution of Europe the creation of its Constitution undoubtedly represents one of the most fundamental stages since the realization of its concept. It is nevertheless deplorable to note the lack of information on this subject. Every one of its Member States is only caring about problems of an interior nature without realization by its citizens of the growing importance of the European organs and structures. Because, during this headlight year, the European union will change in order to become more balanced in terms of representativeness and more powerful in competences. Moreover its spheres of activity will extend to the point of surpassing the actions at the national level. In addition it is necessary for the European Union to have a united vision in regard to foreign politics, especially as it already represents a powerful world-wide centre of attraction. So the Constitution will be an essential element of this unification work of inner forces, which are by definition different, since the European model corresponds to a cultural mosaic rather than a uniform set. The Constitution will finally make it possible for the European Union to evolve toward a higher stage as a structure transcending the Member States. The result will be a reduction of national and internal inequalities. The increase in essential freedoms that the structure of the European Union allows must be coherent on its whole territory. This will prevent the possibility of the forceful invasion of this territory by a third party, as was the case for countries which had not yet been integrated into the European Union. Within the framework of its defense, the European Union must obtain a strategic apparatus in order to be able to intervene in its zone, but also to help a country in need, without having to interfere with the interior politics of this country. For that the Constitution is necessary because there will be a need to take clear positions and effective decisions without being trapped by the wheels of its own structure or by external influences, as is the case for the United Nations. Thus the Constitution, for the European Union, is the awakening to its role within the world.