86767 - The sound of pleasure

N. Lygeros

If you are afraid to share pleasure
you will not be able to love music.
If you hear the sound of pleasure
you have to take account of it.
Because in reality, it’s an attempt to share the pleasure
when you are in contact with essence.
Be aware that its existence is sufficient
to change your mentation.
It’s not a temptation
but it’s impossible to resist to it.
Even in a confined place
closed to the others
you can hear the sound of pleasure
because it’s impossible to hide it.
And the reason is simple.
This fact is the result of the impact of essence.
Especially when you don’t expect it in a place.
It’s the activation of the serendipity
and the discover of the flow.
Then as it’s impossible to resist
even if you try to confine yourself
in a closed place
your sound is audible
and your pleasure is shared.