86853 - In the organism of History

N. Lygeros

When you evolve
you can feel History from inside
and it’s obvious that it’s an alive organism.
It’s no more for you a kind of deception of reality.
History is deeper than that.
As a soul you can explore it.
It looks different when you are a part of it.
Only few people realize
that they are living in History
at the same moment.
Most of them need years to understand it.
Remember that very rare persons
can create History in a conscious way
because they see the need for change
or the resistance against barbarity.
Now you can realize it
in this new cycle.
Things are simpler
when you walk on the path of light
and even the essence is a fact.
In the organism of History
your contribution is even more important
because each choice is crucial
for the future.