86861 - Above the projections

N. Lygeros

It’s natural to consider that projections
have a real meaning
but it’s only a deep error.
It’s only the proof of the lack
of brainpower.
The projections are made in a linear manner
but they can’t resist to the bifurcations.
So they constitute broken realities.
And if you persist to believe in them
then you are in the framework
of a fake reality
which is not consistent with History.
Projections make stories
which don’t belong to History.
In reality,
they represent attacks of barbarity.
Projections are only the first step.
The second is the fake news.
The third is the attack.
So the projections aren’t only an error
but also a contribution
to the acts of barbarity
that’s why it’s so important
to be liberated from them.