86873 - The cute wonder

N. Lygeros

You don’t need anymore
to consider as something obvious
what’s natural
because now you know
that the exception is natural for the exceptional.
The exception is simply its life.
It’s certainly a new way to consider
your own life as a soul
but it’s a necessity for your evolution.
This is life after the fundamental bifurcation.
You have to be aware of that
if you want to discover the reality of the world
but also, a new way to change it
when there is a need.
With the cute wonder
you can do what you want
it’s just a question of willingness.
That’s why it’s also a challenge
because you have to choose.
Your choice will be realized.
And it will change some things.
Use it to create a new path
where you can combine the pleasure
with the discovery.