86896 - The start of creative cycle

N. Lygeros

At the beginning of the XXI century
you lived with us the revolution of AlphaGo.
You don’t remember of course
the deep passion that we had
early in the morning
when we discovered the moves on the goban
of this artificial intelligence.
In reality, the deep neural network wasn’t
anymore something artificial.
It was the beginning for the hyperstructures.
Even if it was not obvious
it was a fact.
You also saw the evolution
outside of the goban,
on the chessboard and on the shogiban.
But it was also too specialized for you.
After those innovations came others
with the voice, with the proteins
and with mathematics.
It was already a new way to see the world.
It wasn’t any more passive,
it wasn’t the solution of the observer
but the point of view
of the creator.