8765 - Artsakh, Thrace and ratios

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athena Kehagias

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For those who are unaware of the Artsakh issue, they can’t understand what of its proportions coinside with those of our Thrace.
The problem derives from a very local approach of the issue, which does not examine the extensions and the future, in regards to the evolution.
When we are only examining Thrace, we are unable to see the action of pantourkism. While the examination of the Artsakh’s status quo, provides other possibilities.
The local Muslim community, when viewed locally, can not exceed the level of tactics.While reality has a strategic character.
When we focus merely on the actions of a teacher, who we characterize as an aberrational, and can not see how many similar cases exist in Artsakh, then we can not realize the actions which take place in the overall context of pantourkism.
The analyses of the files and the study of the data, show the existence of a strategy that has been established since 1878 with the Berlin Congress, which put an end to the war between the Ottoman and the Russian Empires.
Otherwise things will normally penetrate into a polemological context.
The actions of pantourkism doesn’t only derive from an activation of the neo-ottoman doctrine, but it constitutes a timeless effort, which coincides with Kemal’s objectives in relation with the activities of Stalin.
The communist regime, erasing the differences in regards to religion, did not change the course of events in the Caucasus region and in Thrace.
The insistence of Turkey on these points is absolutely characteristic. And if we are not effectively defensive, this strategic plan will be implemented.
It is not the issue, of direct or indirect, that should concern us. Turkey has set these regions as battlefields, whether we like it or not.
The Armenians in Artsakh did not accept this scenario, they resisted and they liberated their land not only from the Turkish servitude, but also from any aspirations.
They did not expect anything from anyone, because they had no choice. In Thrace, things are superficially different, especially to those who turn a blind eye.
For the others though, the european context must be strengthened, in order for a real front to exist, which will obtain a power and an efficiency.
We are not talking of course, about artificial and meaningless barriers. We are talking exclusively regarding strategic actions, based on technical and military know how.
Furthermore, there must be the political will, which obtains the knowledge on various aspects of pantourkism, otherwise, it is doomed to fall in the trap of the tactics, when it’s not aware of the strategic depth of this case.
The Armenians of Artsakh live in freedom, because they chose and fought about it.