89146 - Alone with Mankind

N. Lygeros

If you want to be free
you need to learn
how you can be alone with Mankind.
There is no task related to peace.
Because peace is compatible with slavery.
Everything is a question of freedom.
When you feel weak
it’s impossible to imagine the next reality.
You keep your mind enclaved.
You just want to have an occupation
but you don’t see how correlated it is
with the state of occupation.
At that moment,
the occupied territories in your mind are
a tough reality.
Not because you need to be strong to change
but because you have to understand
your deep position
in this vicious circle.
You need an access to polycyclity
but you have only your reality.
And you can’t see any bifurcation
to choose another path.
You are a peaceful living dead.