89150 - The beautiful day

N. Lygeros

You can’t imagine
what a beautiful day is.
You have to dare it if you want to be consistent
with your secret vision.
Beauty is related to freedom not to peace.
That’s why a beautiful day is full of freedom
because it’s the only way to feel the power of love.
You have to decide what your destination is.
You didn’t choose your departure
but you can choose all the missions you want.
It’s up to you…
There is no other obstacle.
Make your decision
and stop delaying it
because you want to change things.
But don’t forget that you have to do it
also, on yourself
in order to be robust
to resist the change of cycle.
Your soul needs to be free
to see how beautiful the day is.
There is no other way to make it.
So don’t stay at the same level
move yourself.